Quality Management and Privacy

Quality Management and Privacy

Quality Management

The Research Society (TRS) is the key professional body representing market and social researchers in Australia. Its mission is to develop market and social research by providing standards, ongoing education and member services. Standards, guidelines and a code of professional behaviour have been developed for a range of research disciplines, including internet access panels (online panels); recruiting; interview length and call times. Jan Turbill is a full member of TRS and as such Intuito Market Research subscribes to the above professional codes and standards. Jan regularly attends TRS professional development conferences and seminars ensuring her knowledge and expertise in the field of research is current.

Fieldwork quality management

We have a fully trained, specialist team of field staff interviewers who undergo regular in-house training and complete briefing prior to each project. Our field staff interviewers are available for telephone, door-to-door, location and executive interviews.

Qualitative research management

Our qualitative research practices include focus groups, depth interviews, face to face and telephone interviews. Intuito Market Research manages an extensive and fully profiled database for recruitment purposes. Our focus group recruitment practice includes the confirmation of participants and second reminder prior to attendance along with the recruitment of stand-by participants thus ensuring a 95% attendance rate.

Quantitative research management

Intuito Market Research has extensive experience and is highly qualified in all aspects of quantitative research studies including questionnaire development, selecting sampling procedure and survey methodology (online, face to face, member based etc), data analysis and report writing. We conduct in house data analysis using the latest Alchemer and SPSS analytics software package.

Sampling procedures

Sampling procedures are managed to ensure that the most representative sample is obtained. Interviewers maintain records of all calls made which allows validation via our call back system. In accordance with TRS’s code of conduct, Intuito Market Research ensure that interviews are restricted to evenings and weekends (within the specified) timeframes. This practice ensures that both working and non-working people are represented.

Questionnaire development

As part of the questionnaire development phase, Intuito Market Research tests the questionnaire amongst a small sample to ensure that the language is comprehended and that the questionnaire flows logically. This is also important for interviewers and data analysts.

Interviewer briefing and de-briefing

Prior to each project, interviewing staff are fully briefed on the methodology and questionnaire content. They are also provided with a written brief and scripting if applicable. Progress is monitored on a daily basis whilst the job is in the field to ensure that the outcome is consistent and completed on time. On completion of each project, interviewing staff provide feedback for assessment and evaluation. In addition, staff skills are evaluated to ensure procedural correctness.


Quality research depends upon the willing participation of the public. Australian legislation requires that researchers and recruitment agencies respect the privacy of research participants when they are handling confidential personal information. As TRS members, Intuito Market Research’s internal privacy policy and procedures comply with The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000, effective December 2001 and the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). Further to the above, all Intuito Market Research staff sign a confidentiality agreement upon commencement of employment.


All quantitative survey data is processed and analysed in-house using the latest version of Alchemer or SPSS analytics software. This is state-of-the-art, industry approved software. Online data is transferred directly into the program; field and telephone data is keyed. Prior to analysis the data is subjected to a logic and discrepancy check.


Intuito Market Research provides reports that include an executive assessment, full assessment of each question or line of enquiry and recommendations. In the case of quantitative studies, we also provide computer tabulations for each question. We provide two bound hard copy reports and an electronic file. Further hard copy reports are available on request for a small fee. In addition to the delivery of written reports, we develop power point presentations of the results and recommendations for presentation to your executive and/or Board, if applicable. We are extremely happy to present our work to you as required.


During COVID-19 we have had to cease face-to-face surveying but pivoted to either online or telephone to complete our projects. On several occasions where clients have preferred face-to-face intercept interviewing, we ceased operating for the period of the lockdown and resumed with face masks when we were able.

We still manage risk with intercept work and iPads by providing our interviewers with medical grade alcohol wipes to ensure equipment is clean and free from virus particularly when we have had to gather sensitive information about people’s health (health and wellbeing studies) where respondents have been reluctant to answer a question in front of an interviewer.

We have a COVID plan and COVID Marshalls in our premises to State Government specification (i.e. social distancing when conducting intercept face-to-face interviews. When we run focus groups in our offices, we ensure there is enough time between group discussions to do a complete deep room clean. In the event of a lockdown, we have pivoted to hold focus groups via Zoom/Teams, etc. We are strict on the numbers we can hold in our boardroom (maximum 9 currently plus staff).

The focus group viewing room is deep cleaned pre and post use. We insist on visitors adhering to social distancing. Our office complex has freely available sanitising agents and appropriate distancing signage. We have hand sanitiser throughout all our rooms.

In the foyer we have cleaned writing instruments and ask people to use only once and place them in another used receptacle and these are cleaned on each occasion.